Can I just say how cool it was that both of these superheroines’ personalities and powers were explored in this episode? And how well it was done?

Starfire was not shamed for being emotional. Her powers come from her emotions.

Raven was not shamed for suppressing her emotions. Her power requires amazing control.

They both. Work. They are both different kinds of strength, and they are both heroic and powerful and good. And they each learned from the other, and helped each other out by seeing from each others’ perspective, and finding the value in their differing approaches! Wow!

Fuck yes, this is how you write super-ladies, okay. There’s more than one way to be a “strong female character.” There’s all different kinds of strength. Why don’t more people GET this?

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»How Long Is Forever?

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Ride at the park !

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One of the best episodes, and probably my personal favorite.

They took the cliche ‘body-switch’ trope and turned it into an episode that was relevant to the over-arcing plot (it explains how both of their powers work) while simultaneously developing both characters’ backstories and how they function in the present, alluding to why they both are how they are — and in general was just a very personal episode for both of them, the most ‘female-bonding’ the show got, near as I can recall.

I just really like these two and how they play off of each other.

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"Let us partake in the bonding ritual of females!”

quick pic of star & rae bae b/c I love them so much ahh (´∀`)

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i was watching my teen titans dvds and then this happened……. im sorry

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Just a silly quicky comic. Playing around with different outfits for Pearl and Amethyst. 

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Darcy’s Dog (Thor Deleted Scene)

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Chris Pratt Interrupts Interview To French Braid Intern’s Hair


I’m developing a big crush on this man, but he’s married, so I feel really guilty about it.  ::sigh::

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(for tywin)

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